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  Yoga Studio started "STEAM HOT YOGA"  by adding a humid hot air

 Checking off poses from half moon to cobra clients at  Heated Yoga  can push their body to new heights in a sweltering environment that’s conducive for improvement, and a temperature of around 30C at 80% humidity to push all level clients to their limits. While initially tough, the purported benefits of the

regime include improved core strength and enhanced flexibility. Hot yoga is essentially the practice of yoga in a humid heated setting. By adding humidity  and heat, it creates more intense benefits:

  •  Just like sitting in a sauna or steam room, hot yoga boosts heart rate and increase metabolism which in turn, burns more calories.

  • Heat relaxes muscles and reduces pain while hot yoga focuses on breathing techniques, resulting in a significant decrease in stress. Studies have found hot yoga also boosts one’s serotonin levels.

  • Enhance lung capacity through deep breathing techniques, which over time can train one’s lungs to take in more air.

  • Hot yoga also increases flexibility, as regular non-heated yoga does. That said, when we add in a heated room, it also helps to warm up the muscles and joints which can help improve mobility.

  • Working through a hot yoga session, you’re less likely to have an injury as heat reduces muscle tension, joint stiffness, and increases blood flow at the same time.

  • Strengthen the immune system, as yoga will increase immune cell counts and antibodies. 

  • Heat will also reduce cortisol production which takes less stress off your systems and allows you to get full benefit from the physical activity you’re doing.

Enjoy a heated  yoga class.

Studio offers a portable changing space, free yoga matts and a lots of sweat.

Must book online prior arrival.

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